Farm planning for farm owners in Madison WI

Borakove Osman LLC’s Farm Planning and Farm Continuation centers on a Multi-Phase Farm Continuation Process developed by co-founder and attorney Borakove, a proud member of a farm family. Having experienced the successful continuation of her family farm to her father following the death of her grandfather in 2011, she developed the process.

At Borakove Osman LLC, we help farm families avoid dysfunction, and instead we:

  1. Facilitate decision making
  2. Learn about family dynamics and personalities
  3. Respect the Farm Business & Separate the Land from its Operations
  4. Coordinate the farm continuation plan with comprehensive estate planning
  5. Evaluate long-term care planning goals and asset protection needs (“Elder Planning”)
  6. Communicate with our clients and with their advisors
  7. Implement and communicate the plan NOW so that the Principal can observe the successful continuation of the farm

Attorney Shayna W. Borakove, Borakove Osman’s Business Planning Practice Leader,  together with Attorney Peter C. Osman, Borakove Osman’s Elder Planning practice leader, cater to the varied business, estate planning, and elder planning needs of farming families to provide the proper level of planning, without the loss of control or the use of often unnecessary irrevocable trusts. Farm families and their professional advisors would be well-served to have an estate, business, and farm planning attorney who is a fellow farm girl, a true team player, and who is backed by a qualified and skilled elder planning attorney, Peter C. Osman.

Farm families who want to have the advice and counsel of one of their own would be well-served to contact Attorney Shayna W. Borakove, an Estate, Business, and Farm Planning Attorney at Borakove Osman LLC,, 608-828-4880, proudly serving farm clients throughout South Central Wisconsin.