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We Want You to Grow with Us!

Whether your Wisconsin or Minnesota-based business is a Corporation, Limited Liability Company, or Partnership, the yearly maintenance requirements are imperative and vital to ensure limited liability and future success.

Small Business owners wear many hats – and must do so to remain efficient and competitive. Running a small business has overwhelming responsibilities; often times important tasks like maintaining proper minutes and company records fall to the bottom of the list.

The attorneys at Borakove Osman LLC understand. Our firm’s business practice leader, attorney Shayna W. Borakove, is a third-generation business owner and developed our Small Business Counsel Membership. It is a program made by small business owners, for small business owners. We understand that every dollar matters, and should be invested towards building your business and securing your investment.

Maintaining good business records and having the necessary business agreements is quintessential to protecting your business, minimizing conflicts between co-owners, separating business liability from personal liability, and maintaining the company’s business tax status with the Internal Revenue Service. As part of our comprehensive Small Business Counsel Membership™, the attorneys at Borakove Osman LLC serve as your Small Business Counsel to take care of your legal business needs, while you focus on running the business.

As part of our annual membership program, we will:

  • Provide regularly scheduled telephone conferences during the year at the clients’ request to answer your questions regarding the daily business issues that confront you in your business enterprise.
  • Meet with you at a time that fits your busy schedule, including after 5:00 p.m.;
  • Remind you in advance of your Company’s Annual Meetings of the Members and Managers or Shareholders and Directors;
  • Hold your annual meetings at our offices;
  • Maintain your Company’s minute book and business records book;
  • Complete the summary and minutes of the Annual Meetings of the Member’s and Manager or Shareholders and Directors;
  • Prepare and file the Annual Report with the State of Wisconsin;
  • Prepared Consent Resolutions (as needed) (including banking resolutions and real estate resolutions throughout the year);
  • Act as your Company’s official Registered Agent in Wisconsin for service of process to insure you receive all formal notices from the Department of Financial Institutions and legal process within 48 hours of service;
  • Provide any future legal services, i.e., trade name registration, draft independent contractor agreement, review or prepare lease agreements and other business agreements, at a 10% discount;
  • And more…

We understand the importance of keeping business costs low, manageable, and certain. However, we also believe that sound legal advice can often avoid unexpected costs and unnecessary disagreements between business partners and third parties.

Our Small Business Counsel Membership annual program seeks to meet our small business partners in the middle.  That said, the cost of our Small Business Counsel Membership Program reflects your Company’s size and budget.

Please contact our firm to learn more about our Small Business Counsel Membership™. Please check out our Small Business Blog for tips to help you run your business, and to learn more about our philosophy.

Borakove Osman, LLC is your trusted partner for Small Business Counsel Membership™ in Wisconsin. Serving all of Wisconsin, including Madison and Dane County, we are dedicated to providing high-quality legal advice and representation to help you secure your family’s future.