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This 4th of July, we are reminded about something very important to all of us – Freedom. As we spend time with our family and friends this weekend celebrating our freedoms, keep in mind that estate planning is all about freedom – the freedom to direct healthcare decision making, the freedom to control the handling of our assets, and the freedom to choose what happens to those little ones we love so much if something should happen to us. It is all too easy to associate estate planning with bad things – death and disability. However, at its core estate planning truly is about the freedom we all have to plan for our family and our legacy. If you are someone who doesn’t like freedom, that is fine – the State of Wisconsin and Dane County Probate Court are happy to make all these decisions for you and assist your family if something happens to you.

We here at BORAKOVE OSMAN LLC choose a different way – one that exercises our freedoms and supports our independence.

Happy Fourth of July from your friends at BORAKOVE | OSMAN LLC.