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Buy-Sell Agreements: 2 Strategies

BUY-SELL AGREEMENT MECHANICS Stock Redemption vs. Cross Purchase  Stock Redemption Buy-Sell Agreement              Under a redemption arrangement, your Company agrees to redeem the shares/interest of a deceased owner at his death, and the owner agrees prior to death that his estate will transfer the shares back to the Company for an agreed-upon price. An advantage [...]

Nothing is as UNcertain as the Election and Estate Taxes

Ever since the increase of the estate tax exemption to $5 Million (indexed for inflation in year, making the estate tax exemption $5.45M in 2016), the chatter with the estate tax has simmered. For those who have forgotten about the estate tax, in simple, albeit, incomplete terms, in 2016 you may give away $5.45M to any individual [...]

Freedom & Estate Planning

This 4th of July, we are reminded about something very important to all of us – Freedom. As we spend time with our family and friends this weekend celebrating our freedoms, keep in mind that estate planning is all about freedom – the freedom to direct healthcare decision making, the freedom to control the handling [...]

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Borakove Osman LLC’s Peter Osman, Esq. named 40 Under 40: The 2014 Class – In Business Madison – March 2014

BORAKOVE OSMAN LLC  is proud to announce the induction of Attorney Peter Osman into the 40 Under 40 Class of 2014! Click on the link below to learn a little about what contributions Attorney Peter Osman has made to our community. Go Peter! 40 Under 40: The 2014 Class - In Business Madison - March [...]

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IDGT: The Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust — More than an Estate Planning Tax Widget

  I.D.G.T. - INTENTIONALLY DEFECTIVE GRANTOR TRUST                 Perhaps one of the most unfortunate vocabulary choices in the estate planning field lies with the “Intentionally Defective Grantor Trust,” or IDGT.  While the use of the term defective may cause clients to cringe, there is nothing to fear about the IDGT’s legality or effectiveness. Let’s analyze [...]

Conversion of Corporation to LLC???

With the increase of LLC formation of the past few years, current small and family-owned corporation owners may be asking themselves... Did I miss out on something? The classic attorney answer is, in short, it depends. The point of the post is to mention 2 key reasons to consider making the conversion. What the post [...]