Attorney Shayna W. Borakove, was first authorized to practice law in 2005, and is licensed in Wisconsin, Massachusetts & Minnesota. She graduated from the University of Missouri-KC, and then from New England School of Law in Boston in 2005, cum laude with honors.

Growing up on a Missouri dairy farm prepared Shayna to serve the needs of both family and businesses. She understands the value of hard work, keeping one’s word, and the importance of family. She was taught that each person was part of the land they worked and the legacy they left. Life and legacy are central to estate and business planning that protects, preserves and provides for her clients’ future and their next generation.

Attorney Borakove’s Practice Areas and Philosophy
Shayna’s practice is focused on foundational and advanced estate planning with a special emphasis on business planning for the small business owner. She believes in the value of including the family’s trusted advisors in the planning process, assuring the most complete plan possible.

Estate Planning and Asset Protection
Clients seeking a meaningful estate plan that reflects their unique situation, accomplishes their goals and minimizes their risks associated with our changing times will benefit from Shayna’s estate plan designs.

Business Planning & Continuation
Shayna’s civil litigation background defending businesses and individuals alike, help business owners and prospective entrepreneurs make informed decisions when determining how to structure, and how to maintain their business. Too often, small business owners set up LLCs or other business entities by filing registration documents with the state without much more. Unfortunately, simple now leads to many not-so-simple consequences later. That is why Shayna created the firm’s Small Business Counsel Membership Program. By mirroring the practice of a small town family business lawyer — small business start-ups, farm owners and family-owned businesses can receive the legal counsel they need and deserve, often at a fixed cost. It is Shayna’s philosophy that a successful client is a happy client; and avoiding unnecessary legal battles is tantamount to a business’s success.

To set up an Initial Consultation with Attorney Borakove to discuss your estate planning, farm continuation planning, or small business planning and succession, asset protection, or estate administration/probate needs please email her at, or call (608) 828-4880.